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Carlos Tasso Eira De Aquino  

Carlos Tasso Eira De Aquino is an accomplished senior executive and professor, combining a PhD and two Post-Docs with over 20 years of experience in leading companies and higher education organizations, and contributing to scholarship in different areas of knowledge. Along his career, Dr. Aquino accumulated achievements and recognition as Chief Academic Officer, Provost, Executive Director, Dean of Business, Dean of Accreditation, and Chair of Undergraduate and Graduate Programs, in institutions in the USA and abroad, with student and faculty bodies that encompassed a clear diversity of cultures

His experience and network in the Business arena transcend boundaries and include expertise in teaching, consulting and development. He has helped multiple institutions and organizations in the US and abroad to grow their programs and increase their participation and recognition in global markets. Furthermore, he has worked side by side with non-educational organizational and companies to provide their staff and leadership with the right training opportunities for professional growth. Along his career, Carlos has been coordinating relationships with existing and new partners in the USA, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Africa. He is well-traveled and multilingual, being a native speaker of Portuguese and fluent in English and Spanish, with basic understanding of Italian and French.

Carlos has more than 10 years of experience in Diversity and Inclusion, with demonstrated leadership in creating overarching Diversity and Inclusion strategy and vision for different organizations. He consistently fostered the creation of more inclusive workplaces and learning environments, as well as developing skills and helping team members to succeed in diverse environments. After creating and leading the Center for Workplace Diversity Research (2014-2016), in which we engaged he more than 250 members, he started, in 2016, the Center of Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion in Tampa Bay, FL to connect the academic expertise with the community needs and demands, fostering companies, and organizations to strategically work on Diversity and Inclusion initiatives focused on increasing internal stakeholders’ performance and external stakeholders’ satisfaction and loyalty. A great initiative in that area is being prepared for the Greater Richmond area.

Dr. Aquino is also a prolific scholar, with his academic production including more than 100 publications and presentations in journals and peer-reviewed conferences and being the speaker and panelist in more than 30 events in the USA and abroad. Only in the past four years he had more than 17 conference presentations and 10 peer-reviewed articles accepted by peer-reviewed journals. He has recently published 3 books with Springer-Palgrave McMillan: Diversity and Inclusion in the Global Workplace: Aligning Initiatives with Strategic Business Goals (September 2017), Effective and Creative Leadership in Diverse Workforces: Improving Organizational Performance and Culture in the Workplace (January 2019), and Diversity and Inclusion in Latin American and Caribbean Workplaces: Experiences, Opportunities, and Challenges (April 2020). Carlos is currently working on a new book for IGI Global Publisher (Multidisciplinary Approach to Diversity and Inclusion in the COVID-19 Era Workplace) He also previously authored a book on Andragogy and Adult Education, published by Pearson Brazil in 2008.

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